Right Light, Green Light!

This article on the evolution of Tom Cruise, primarily focused on Risky Business, is good and you should read it. I actually think Mission: Impossible 3 should pose a significant obstacle to the part of his argument about Cruise's decline, because the movie is awesome, but it wasn't considered a box office success. Come to think of it, it's not clear to me that the quality of the movies Cruise has made has anything to do with the argument in the linked article, but I still like it. Finally, the purported problem with Valkyrie has been an issue at least since Vanilla Sky, if not earlier.

Update: The title of this post was intended to be “Red Light, Green Light” in honor of a nonsensical piece of dialog from Mission: Impossible. But I didn't notice the mistake until now, and it's been up too long for me to change it without feeling like I'm covering something up. But I have no idea what the current title could mean, in case anyone else is wondering about it.