House of Style

I don't usually write about architecture, because I don't know anything about architecture; except that I knows what I likes. And I'm not going to write anything about architecture today either, but I did just read, and wanted to recommend, a post by Eric Rauchway about the impact of regulations in Manhattan on the aesthetics of buildings here. The post serves as a useful reminder of the way rules we don't really think about impact our lives; and in turn we should remember that if we care to, we can take actions to change those rules.

Eric's post included a bunch of links to photos of buildings on this site as examples of the effect he's discussing. I'd never seen it before, but it features a cornucopia of photos of notable New York architecture, which I could probably browse through for hours. Here, for instance, is the building on there nearest to my present home.

As always, readers are invited to comment on this post, especially if they're also named Eric R., recently completed their masters degree in architecture, and are reading from the great state of Indiana.