I blame David Remick

I have correctly orthodox thoughts about The New Yorker; its articles are of consistently high quality. But I cannot believe this sentence slipped through their quality control: “He spends a lot of time listening to speeches—the way most people download Coltrane or Mozart, he’s got Churchill and Martin Luther King on his iPod.” And it's true, Mozart almost beat Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain for most downloaded track last year, and Coltrane ring tones are nearly as popular as the one where Katy Perry talks about kissing girls.

Update: For criticism of the New Yorker that isn't insanely nit-picky, I recommend this (long) piece about their use of template letters-to-the-editor. What this translates to, at least in this case, is that they convince people writing in with criticisms to rewrite their criticisms in significantly weaker forms in exchange for having them published. It's also interesting because by the end neither party is particularly sympathetic.