Markets in Everything

Tyler Cowen, and to a lesser extent Alex Tabarrok, have a long-running series of posts at their blog with the above title or variants thereof, about goods and services surprisingly available for purchase. I once e-mailed a suggestion for an entry, though when it was posted it wasn't officially included in the series. Today I found a couple of suitable items:

“Witness the exploding fire of passion igniting the heart of industry as an opulent oligarch clashes with the bricks & fists of Mighty Unions!”
- Literally underground theater tickets. In order to avoid intentionally un-paid (accidental is fine) audience members, they don't announce on which lines or at what time they're performing publicly or in advance.

“‘Just pray and hope that we get it back,’ said Havosha. ‘You're not messing with people anymore, you're messing with God.’”
- Black market torahs. I found the second article when I was wondering what the thief in the first would do with the ill-gotten gains.