Backwaters swirling

Maybe I'm just being weird, but isn't it strange the there's a special election for the House of Representatives happening in New York state (NY-20, Kristen Gillibrand's former sea) on March 31 and if you got your news entirely from the New York Times you wouldn't know the election is happening (that link is meant to provide evidence for my claim because it shows that the only mention in the Times this year of Jim Tedisco, the Republican running for the seat, was a blog comment. Searching for “Gillibrand” also fails to bring up any mention of the election) in the, the name of, or anything about, either candidate? I understand it's an upstate race and the Times isn't an upstate paper, but it's little more than a month from election day and the candidates for both parties were announced by Feb. 1, surely it merits some coverage.

Here's the nickel summary of what you need to know about Scott Murphy, unless you live in 20th, in which case you should be telling me what I need to know about Murphy: while he'd probably be a better Representative than Tedisco, he won't be that much better, so don't bother caring about this race, and certainly don't donate money for it. While adding one Republican to Congress moves the median vote more to the right than adding a conservative Democrat does, with the current margins in the House that just isn't much of a concern. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't non-endorsing someone based entirely one blog post, so I also looked for pro-Murphy material but didn't find anything which would dissuade me from going with what Bowers says, even on Murphy's own website.