Friday morning at nine o'clock she is far away

I know people need topics for blog posts, cable tv shows, and all that other jazz, and that saying the same thing over and over doesn't entertain your “audience” which is purportedly important for having a “good” blog which makes you “money,” but to my mind the card check/ Employee Free Choice Act debate was settled by this post, or more accurately the study linked in it, two and a third years ago, at least until someone shows me actual data (not just anecdata) pointing in the other direction. Pretty much every post about card check should just be a link to it. Any argument against card check has to start by explaining why that study is wrong, otherwise it's just not an argument.

Also, since as a matter of policy I almost never watch any speeches or otherwise take in news via the TV (the Daily Show, while possibly a better source for news than news shows, isn't a news show), I find Bobby Jindal's strange new prominence to be, well, strange. In my mind he's less important now then he was last summer when we thought he was going to be McCain's VP nominee, whatever people want to tell you about his national debut.