In which I fail to alternate between long and short posts, or stay on topic, or write a real title

Chart of the day, nearly unreadable but very informative edition:
One important piece of information which isn't part of the chart (because it doesn't have to do with employment) is: interest rates are at the zero lower bound, and it hasn't helped. And that's the truly scary part.

Video of the day, CNBC sucks edition. Via Josh Marshall.

There oughta be a law restricting the use of this evidentiary privilege, as the fact that Pres. Obama apparently can't resist the urge to grievously abuse it demonstrates. In fact, there ought to be this law. Somewhat relatedly, I should write a post about U.S. v. Progressive one day, it's a really interesting case which hasn't gotten the attention it merits. It's not about the state secrets privilege, but is about the dangers of government appeals to national security in order to control what information is and isn't public.

I wanted to write about this site discussing the issue of the House of Representatives having far too few representatives for all the people it's supposed to represent, but I'm not sure what to say because it's not a very good site, yet it supports a goal I agree with. This should be a lesson to me on political coalition formation: even when you share a goal with someone, it doesn't mean you share all that much else.

These were good posts responding to bad anti-stimulus arguments. Marginal Revolution is, on the other hand, your source for good stimulus-skeptical arguments. I haven't read all of von's six part series arguing against the stimulus, but it also looks to be engaging in real arguments instead of just saying crazy things.

People have been talking about micropayments as a way of saving the newspaper business. There are plenty of reasons this won't work, but Clay Shirky explained the most important ones over eight years ago (which is over a century in internet time).

I strongly recommend this movie. Don't worry about Art Garfunkel acting. It was considered scandalously sexual when released, which is now funny in itself.