Loose ends

For anyone else who has been desperately curious since this morning (I know, it's probably just me) what the legal authority was for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB, and no, I don't know why that's the initialism for it) to stop Six Point Brewery from making any more of their “Hop Obama” beer, I've got the answer: 27 C.F.R. §7.29(6). That regulation provides that the labels on containers of malt beverages, or other branding materials which accompany the malt beverage for sale, cannot make use of the name of a famous person if there is a likelihood of confusion about whether that person has endorsed or is otherwise affiliated with the malt beverage. So that's a load off my back. As a blogger, I believe I'm supposed to express opinions: it's probably good that this regulation exists, I hope it's not enforced capriciously and don't know of any evidence that it is, Hop Obama is not one of my favorite Six Point beers (I like Sweet Action and Brownstone better).