Needless categorization

Prompted by an off-hand comment I just made that one of these people is among my ten favorite Times writers, I present an unranked list:

Top Ten New York Times Employees
Mark Bittman
Paul Krugman
Manohla Dargis
Jeffrey Gettleman
Sewell Chan
Adam Liptak
David Leonhardt
Dexter Filkins
Eric Lichtblau
Will Shortz

Runners up:
Frank Bruni
John Burns
Charlie Savage
Harvey Araton
Clyde Haberman
Janet Maslin

David Cay Johnston would've made the list, except that he left the Times last year. I wish more of the people I'd picked were women, but other than Manohla I couldn't think of anyone who was a good candidate.
Janet Maslin and Gail Collins came closest, and I'm not much of a fan of either of them. I also would have liked to include editors and non-writers other than Will Shortz, maybe a photographer, but it's hard for members of the public to know what editor's contributions are, and I don't pay much attention to the photo credit on Times images, I guess. I'm certainly interested in good people that I may have missed, or reasons that the people I picked aren't as worthy as I thought, so leave'em in comments. Though I should note that exclusion of all the columnists other than Krugman is quite intentional.