President's Day weekend reading

Almost entirely not about Presidents:

  • Miles O'Brien explains the likely cause of last night's Buffalo plane crash. This is the kind of specialist knowledge which blogs are great at and television and newspapers are less good at providing, due to structural and audience constraints. By which I mean word/time limits and that it's not clear that enough people want this sort of material that it makes sense to put it on tv or in a newspaper. Then again, it's not clear that enough people want the material that actually is in a newspaper to put it in a newspaper.
  • Price Fishback argues that neither the Depression nor WWII count as evidence for the effectiveness of stimulus.
  • In other economic news, DeLong explains how the current crisis discredits Milton Freidman's monetarist response to the possibility of depressions.
  • Zadie Smith gave a speech. You should read it (or listen to it if you want, though I haven't done that yet). Though I haven't decided yet if it's a really interesting speech about Barack Obama, or a really interesting
    speech about how she sees Barack Obama. Via Hendrik Hertzberg, who supports the former interpretation.

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