Richard Jenkins + Donkey

No, I don't have anything to say on the titular topic, but I am curious how many people are going to google it after Jon Stewart specifically told us not to.

Updated (2/24 3:15 PM) because it turns out the answer to how many people are going to google it was “a lot”:
In other Richard Jenkins plus a donkey news, the best film Richard Jenkins has been in was The Man Who Wasn't There, followed close behind by Hannah and Her Sisters. I don't think donekys appear in either of those films, but I haven't seen them for a while. Jenkins was in three movies in 1994. Two of them starred Nicholas Cage. Three of them sucked. In particular, I'm still mad at teenage me for wasting my time seeing Wolf in theatres.

This article (which I found because it mentions donkeys), pinned to the release of It Could Happen To You, is important evidence in trying to understand the strange and horrifying evolution of Nick Cage's career. But that doesn't involve Jenkins or donkeys, so probably does not belong in this post.