This way madness lies

Second in a series of recommendations of things which I haven't myself looked at and therefore based entirely on previous work by the people involved, I'd bet the Angel of Death series of webisodes starring Zoe Bell from Deathproof and written by Ed Brubaker who writes, among other things, the excellent comic book series Criminal, is good and worth watching, and I plan on finding out later. If it's not, I'll update. Update: I watched three and a half episodes, and retract the preceding paragraph.

Sorry, I'm just really hard up for things to post about, but wanted some content up anyway. I tried writing a post explaining how to read Bob Somerby in order to extract the valuable stuff without being sucked into his whirlpool of obsessions, but I couldn't explain it properly. He's important to read, at least for me, because he calls out people I usually agree with on errors which I might otherwise miss. See, e.g., his response to one of Josh Marshall's post about Bobby Jindal, here and here (you have to scroll down, the posts are long and cover multiple topics). But on the other hand, he's insane (he's recently become obsessed with Keith Olbermann, who is far from great, but Somerby is at the point where everything Olbermann does is evil).