All About the Hamiltons

I originally considered writing a post about Judge David Hamilton when the New York Times wrote an editorial praising his nomination as a welcome return to qualified judicial nominees after years of poor Bush nominations. My plan was to write a post saying that I didn't really like the Hamilton nomination because, while the ABA has rated him Well Qualified (.pdf link) for this circuit court position, I was worried they had done that just because they didn't want to make the Obama administration look bad early on, and that his Not Qualified rating (.pdf link) from when he was nominated to the district court was still worrisome. But it turns out that it was just because of a perceived lack of experience, and his time on the district court really does seem like a reasonable fix for that, so I stopped having worries on that count, and lost my reason for writing this post.

But then I read this Michael Tomasky post about how Hamilton is being smeared for having written things he didn't write, favoring worshiping Allah over worshiping Jesus Christ, in an opinion on Indiana state legislative prayer, which I thought was a pretty interesting story, including this update, and worth passing on.