A Tax Day Present

I don't know if this visual tone matrix toy is already the most popular web-thingy in the world and I've just fallen behind the times, but I have a feeling it might not be, and there's definitely nothing better I can do with this post than further the cause of recommending it. The matrix really makes me want to take up an instrument.

On a totally separate topic, but because I just heard it happen, if Yankees announcer Michael Kay never describes as “jeterian” again it'll be much too soon.

UPDATE: I don't think I was emphatic enough about how much I like the tone matrix. It's not just some web-thingy (seriously, that's the best description of the category it's in) that I'm doing a blog post about, it's the best web-thingy ever, I just wish there was a better way to avoid the problem of it getting repetitive than clearing the one you've made and making a new one.