Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

I'm a fan of: The 55th of the 434 (soon to be 436?) part series Better Know a District, featuring the evil twin of Congressman Dan Maffei from New York's 25th, and Dan Maffei (not his evil twin) miserably failing to shotgun a beer.

I'm not a fan of: talking to Queen Noor (and, even more so, the current Queen of Jordan, Rania) and treating her as an advocate for progressive views; not pressing them at all on the issue of why non-democratic monarchical government, even one with some role for a parliament, is acceptable. I owe this point (the point that I'm bothered by ignoring the monarchy) to Yglesias making it three years ago.

Both of these are (obviously) references to tonight's episode of Colbert Report so I'll link to relevant videos (especially for the first part of the post, since without them there's little value to it) when they're posted tomorrow. Update:
Posted as promised.