Food culture

More meat related content, because I was surprised by the coincidence of seeing this article soon after posting on the hot-button medium-rare issue. Personally, my trust in the Burger of the Month Club's judgment started waning with the very first anecdote, talking about how important it was that everyone tried the half pound burger, with bacon and cheddar. A half pound is generally too large to maintain proper ratios between the meat patty, bun, and any cheese, vegetable, condiment, additional meat, or other extra touch. Further, while cheddar isn't generally a strong cheese, and I'm a fan of bleu cheese burgers myself, if you're trying to accurately judge the burger then layering bacon and cheddar on top of it is just going to get in the way of discerning the quality of the burger itself.

Also, I hold it against them that they're part of the backlash against Shake Shack's popularity. Yes, the line is obviously annoying, and the fact that the line is one reason people go there (seeing that it's popular and wanting to be part of the popularity) is even more so. But the burger is actually excellent, and I don't know why they'd pretend otherwise. The real mistake is to think it's name is making a stronger claim than it is and go there just for a shake, which is not worth braving the line for.