Blogroll update III

Because I think his most recent post about investigating family roots is both substantively interesting material and stylistically solid, I've added Andrew Ujifusa's "Harvardblog" to my blogroll. Also, I've known him since I was approximately six. In exchange for adding him to said blogroll (which will, if he's lucky, get him one additional hit) I am granting myself the privilege of criticizing his page. My most obvious advice is that he should post more often than once a week. Second, I think he should change the title, but not the domain name, of his blog. The domain name might prove valuable later, and I don't think I really need to explain the problems with the title. Finally, I thought the descriptions you used for the lawyer's child and car in the aforementioned most recent post don't put you in a very good light. Now, that might just be an admirable attempt at honestly reporting your feelings when you could have kept them hidden, but it seems quite discordant with the tone of the rest of the piece.

Also, since baseball is back and the Yankees are on pace for a 162-0 season, I've added The Hardball Times. A couple of years ago, I thought baseballprimer was the best thing on the internets. I've barely to it's successor, baseballthinkfactory, at all. But a number of the people who made primer so much fun are over at Hardball Times, so that's worth reading. Skimming it today, I learned that Tino Martinez, who's beloved in New York and loathed in St. Louis, was the 71st best player in the American League last year. That's actually quite good, and rather surprising to me. He made a beautiful play in tonight's game, too.