End of the Engagement

Updating on the accuracy of my own prediction, a topic I have trouble imagining anyone but me being interested in, the two most recent Obama electoral vote estimations on fivethirtyeight have been 258 and then 284.8. These numbers indicate that I was correct in calling the bottom of his collapse on Tuesday of this week, but that my feel for the pulse of the election was somewhat off, I really thought we'd see a longer steadier climb instead of a huge leap like this one anyone. Also, if the number starts showing a large degree of volatility or another collapse anytime soon, I'd still be wrong. I'm mentioning this because for the prediction to be at all impressive, it really has to be more specific than calling that the number will go up somewhat for a couple of days. I would expect Obama's number to fluctuate between 275 and 300 for the next week, though obviously events in the news might change this. I guess I'm also predicting there won't be any events in the news for the next week which change the way people feel about the presidential election.

Tomorrow's post will be about at least one of the Yankees, Howard Hawks, and John Irving.