New toy II

Click here to compare how many of the IMDB Top 250 Films (as of some date or another, it's not the same as e.g. today's list) you've seen with my results. I wholeheartedly anti-endorse this list, it's far from a good guide to the top 250 films of all time; both in terms of its inclusions and exclusions and, even more so, in it's rank-ordering of the included movies. Nevertheless, interesting to look at.

When I wasn't sure if I'd seen all of something I didn't check it off. In particular, four which I've seen parts of but don't think I've seen the entirety of were: Frankenstein (1935), Planet of the Apes (1968), Gandhi (1982), and Platoon (1986).

Last point: if someone told you that one of the titles listed isn't really a movie, and was just thrown on there as a gag (not that that's the case), which would you pick? My answer to that question, and my percentage seen, which you can otherwise only find out by submitting your own results, are in comments.

I did a somewhat similar post about a very different Top 1000 films list a couple of months ago, in case you think you're experiencing deja vu.